Since Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. started, we have expanded our customer base, and we are blessed to have customers that work with us more as a partnership than most business relationships. We have both large and small name customers, but it is this mix that allows us a good diversified group of customers to further our business.

Though our industry is ever changing, we set our top goals to be flexible yet steadfast. We will be innovators by being open-minded and, when needed, find a way to think outside the box to service our customers in the best possible way. We have mobile communications and dash cameras on our trucks, which allows us to keep track of the location of your load.

Our daily goal is to keep family values close to our hearts and realize that building lasting relationships with our customers depends on the character of the individuals of our company. If you are interested in becoming a customer of Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to give you rates and, of course, great service.

​A few of our customers…

Mission, Philosophy, and Values

Our Mission Statement:

Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. will stand strong in our belief that displaying integrity and character in all endeavors is our top priority. By following this philosophy we will be able to provide our customers with outstanding service that is upholding of our family values. We strive to be safe, efficient, and affordable in serving the shipping public.

Our Philosophy:

Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. keeps family values at heart while having a partnership with our customers and our employees by being honest, fair, and above all, putting safety first.


Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. is a company that is founded on the Christian principles of being fair, honest, and forthcoming with people. Our philosophy above really embodies this feeling as well. We want to be different than most companies that are out there today. We believe that doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is key when we operate daily. We keep this in mind when dealing with our employees and our customers.