Since Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. started, we have expanded our customer base, and we are blessed to have customers that work with us more as a partnership than most business relationships. We have both large and small name customers, but it is this mix that allows us a good diversified group of customers to further our business.

Though our industry is ever changing, we set our top goals to be flexible yet steadfast. We will be innovators by being open-minded and, when needed, find a way to think outside the box to service our customers in the best possible way. We have mobile communications and dash cameras on our trucks, which allows us to keep track of the location of your load.

Our daily goal is to keep family values close to our hearts and realize that building lasting relationships with our customers depends on the character of the individuals of our company. If you are interested in becoming a customer of Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to give you rates and, of course, great service.

​A few of our customers…


Tennessee Contract Carriers mission is to deliver superior service, safety and accountability to our associates, customers and the motoring public.


Our goal at Tennessee Contract Carriers is to continuously explore new and innovative ways to enhance safety, service and communications for our customers and associates through experience and technology.


   Tennessee Contract Carriers has as its core value the responsibility to our Country, Community and Industry to operate safely. Nothing we transport is worth harming ourselves or others. We pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with our associates, their families and our customers. We strive continuously to improve by listening to the people we work with. We are steadfast in our belief that safety, honesty, fairness and responsibility are values you cannot bend nor break! We are driven by our uncompromising standards for life, equality, the delivery of goods and services that enhance the life of the country we serve.