Donny Kemp – President

As President of the company, Donny oversees the daily operations and handles the hiring and retention of drivers. He handles all maintenance issues and has a large role in safety, operations, and does most of the rating for the company among many more tasks. Along with his daily tasks, he has many contacts in the industry and makes frequent sales calls to gain business and further those relationships. He has 50 years of experience in the trucking industry with 29 of those as owner and President of a 97 truck fleet.

Sheri Cook – Operations Manager and Customer Service

With 21 years of experience in the transportation industry, Sheri’s abilities are truly endless. She not only is fair, but she has a very tactful way of dealing with people. She handles most of the day to day customer service. With only 6 people in the office we have to wear many hats. She also takes care of rating and driver pay. She has a vast knowledge of our computing software and is a key player in the success of bringing new customers on board.

Doug Oldham – Dispatcher and Customer Service

Doug has been working with Donny for over 23 years in trucking with most of those being with the personnel at Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. He and Sheri make a great team and do whatever it takes to get the job done. He handles most of the dispatching along with OS&D, and has an extensive background in safety. Doug excels in dispatch because he has the same persona every time you see him or speak with him, and he has a gift for problem solving.

Racheal Petty – Administration, Sales & Marketing

Racheal graduated in 2003 from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in financial institution management. With 15 years of trucking experience she has learned the roles in many areas including customer service, dispatching, brokering, tracking, rating & billing. She has a large part in safety, driver recruiting, driver retention, business analysis, insurance and much more. Rachael excels in building and retaining relationships with customers, as well as company drivers. Her skills and knowledge will help this company in many ways. We are glad to have her as a part of our team.

Duane McDonald – Director of Safety and Recruiting

After leaving the United States Marine Corps in 1991. Duane entered the Transportation Industry the following year in 1992 and began his carrier as an OTR Driver. Soon after he realized he had a real passion for training and safety. After an extensive train- the- trainer program at one of the largest trucking companies in the country he began his instructing carrier. In 2006 Duane came off the road to enter the Safety and Personnel side of trucking. Once there he took advantage of all the training and classes he could until he earned his Master Certificate for Motor Carrier Compliance from The FMCSA DOT program. Duane has been with Tennessee Contract Carriers since 2010 as a OTR driver and Instructor and has recently entered the office to help in safety and recruiting.

Jessica Silcox Grim – Accounting

Jessica graduated from the University of Tennessee with both her Bachelor’s degree and then her Master’s degree of accounting in August of 2012. Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. hired her knowing her ability, but the speed in which she learned the trucking industry was impressive. Trucking accounting is very different from accounting learned in college. She now is a fixture and has more of a controller type position than just an accountant.

Linda Williams – Billing and Driver Payroll

Linda came on board with Tennessee Contract Carriers, Inc. in mid-2013. She has 44 years experience in the transportation industry. Linda’s speed of learning was astounding. She quickly learned our computer system and can now do anything that you ask of her. She compiles our lane analysis to constantly watch probability of lanes. Her biggest achievement so far is getting our receivables up to 90% current. This task is practically impossible in most trucking companies. Her skill set adds value to the company, and we look forward to many years together.